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Golden Goose Sneakers

When you think vintage and unique, you think of the two creative founders Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. With their love of elegance, modernity and artistry, Golden Goose was born. Each pair of Golden Goose Sneakers is handmade.

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For variety you are at Golden Goose exactly right, from chic high boots to unique sneakers, with us you will find the latest on-trend collection. The timeless shoes, besides already looking cool and unique, are also striking. For example, the brand logo or the iconic Golden Goose star is clearly visible on the sneakers. The vintage look cannot be missed either, a black sole, smudges or stripes, Golden Goose sneakers create a real vintage look.

In addition to shoes, Golden Goose also has an extensive clothing collection that matches the latest trends. Having a nice summer day? Then put on one of the long dresses that falls beautifully along your body. Want to make your outfit just a little more playful? Then choose one of the colorful scarves in Pesto/White or Orange Rust/White. You can also go to Golden Goose for a more classy look. Go for a nice pair of slim pants and carry a crossbody bag with it. You are immediately ready to go!

Golden Goose Sneakers at ByLotte

Golden Goose is an Italian high fashion sneaker brand born in 2000 in beautiful Venice. The two young, ambitious designers Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo wanted to introduce their creativity to the world. By designing, handcrafting and putting together unique shoes, they gave Golden Goose a big name in the fashion world.

The brand and its artistic designers have known how to distinguish themselves from the beginning with their inspiring sneakers. Golden Goose has grown in popularity and ambitions ever since. Thus, today the brand is known for more than just unique shoes. With their beautiful clothing collection full of jackets and matching accessories, they know how to dress everyone for the right occasion.

Golden Goose super star sneakers

The Golden Goose sneakers look like they have already lived a good life, full of adventure. They encourage you to do more of the same, ultimate living. The founders describe the high-end sneakers as "an emotional product that is authentic and never artificial. This working method of the two creative centers on working with different materials and motifs. This makes it run the production process a bit more complex than the average sneaker. In addition, they make all shoes by hand, which makes it extra special.

In 2007, the Leather Superstar entered the market and these also looked worn. The crystal-covered shoes looked like they had been strolling around town for weeks. But because these sneakers have just such a unique look, they remain very popular. They convey just that extra unique luxury.

In addition, besides its own look, the Super - Star has a somewhat deeper story behind the shoe. In fact, this sneaker is the first prototype that started the story of the Golden Goose star! This laid the foundation and ensured that this sneaker brings out the feminine, remains classic and has a contemporary design.




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