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    Laurence Bras

    Laurence Bras Bylotte

    The fashion gene - you either have it or you don't. And the French designer Laurence Bras is clearly one of the lucky ones blessed with this gene. And we, as a result, with her! While some people in their early twenties are still out on the dance floor every night, the Frenchwoman had both feet firmly on the ground in her own ready-to-wear boutique in her late 80s at the age of 20. In her mind, fashion stands for simplicity and elegance - so her collections are designed with this in mind. To bring her designs to life, materials and fabrics of the highest quality are used. Genes are passed on and so it is in the case of the Bras family. Already as fashionable as their mother, Laurence's two daughters joined the company a few years back. Together, the women design pieces that belong in every woman's closet.

    Laurence Bras combine

    On Bylotte you shop the most beautiful garments from Laurence Bras, we are big fans of the beautiful blouses in the collection. To combine with your perfect jeans and sneakers. Or would you rather keep it classic and choose a beautiful pair of pants with beautiful pumps?




    BYLOTTE not only has a webshop, but also a fantastic multi-brand store right in the heart of Eindhoven. Here, we create an atmosphere where you feel at home, where you can be yourself and where our stylists make sure you are the best version of yourself.

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