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NEVER HAVE I EVER: Starring Lotte and Robin

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Starring Lotte and Robin

NEVER HAVE I EVER: Starring Lotte and Robin

  • By Stephanie
  • Date 11/04/2022

Yaa this week it was time for the first 'NEVER HAVE I EVER'! Lotte and Robin were up for grabs and were subjected to some (embarrassing) questions!

Of course we captured this for you! Watch the full video below:

Never have I ever: spent more than $2,000 on a bag
Lotte, I have... No comment...
Robin, I have never

Never have I ever: never left the bar or pub
Lotte: I have never...
Robin: I have, I can't imagine that you have never been turned out of the pub.
Lotte: Oooh yes you have! I don't want to discuss it any further. Hahahaha...
Robin: No, neither do I. Too embarrassing!

Never have I ever: stood someone up on a date
Lotte: No, I did the other way around. Yes really, with a very nice guy from Amsterdam.
Robin: What, you stayed down?
Lotte: No! I didn't let anyone down but he did me. Stupid!

Never have I ever: bought an item, worn it over the weekend and returned it again
Lotte: (I have never)
Robin: (I have never)
Lotte: No only here from the store, just kidding guys!

Never have I ever: Photoshopped a picture of myself and put it online
Robin: Oooooh I have!
Lotte: No I can't photoshop so I don't have a Face Tune nothing...
Robin: Have you never gotten rid of a pimple?
: No Alex does that for me...
Robin: I learned it from Alex, so yes I did get rid of a little pimple or wall from time to time.
Lotte: I can't do that but when Alex photographs me, I ask him to correct it of course! :)

Never have I ever: naked swimming or skinny-dipping
Robin: Yaa together! And there are very good pictures of that!
Lotte: We were on vacation with the girls and of course we had a drink. And then a girl who was on vacation with us took some very nice pictures of naked people swimming underwater.
Robin: And we thought we could do that easily.
Lotte: Pieterburen was nothing like it! Sorry we can't show the pictures either. ;)

Never have I ever:: kissed a famous BN'er
Lotte: No, no...
Robin: Jaaaaa... next!

Never have I ever: never lied in this game
Lotte: Oooh yeah...
Robin: In this game? No I have not lied.
Lotte: Neee not now, maybe next time :)

That was him again! If you guys have any unctuous or spicy questions then by all means ask and we'll take them next time at 'NEVER HAVE I EVER'.... Stay tuned for the next superstar guest!





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