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Discover ENES at Bylotte

At Bylotte, we are always looking for the cutest brands that combine style and quality to bring you a unique shopping experience. We are therefore very excited about the new collection by ENES, a Belgian brand known for its high-quality leather goods and sheepskin. With a focus on timeless elegance, Enes offers a range of fashionable options for the modern woman. Let's take a look together at what great things Enes has to offer!

Whether you're looking for the perfect leather pants, a chic leather skirt, or a beautiful leather jacket. ENES has it all! Their designs are often inspired by the latest fashion trends, yet maintain a timeless aesthetic that ensures you can wear the items season after season.

The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring durability and style. ENES also has an eye for detail, making their leather goods not only look great, but also fit your daily needs perfectly. Whether you like smooth leather, suede or other textures, the collection has something for everyone.

ENES' collections are additionally loved by international celebrities and bloggers. We at Bylotte are also big fans!

The philosophy of ENES

Hugo Denizli is the founder and creative director of ENES, a too-cute leather goods and sheepskin brand based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Hugo has been working in the fashion world for over 30 years, especially with leather work. He has worked for super chic fashion houses, and with all that experience and his love for beautiful things, he founded his own brand "ENES" in 1999. Enes is the name of his son, who was also born that same year.

He felt there was a need for top quality leather and fur clothing and was eager to create more fancy designs. He traveled all over the world to find the best materials. And he loves to make women even more beautiful.

Leather has really great properties. It is sustainable and is made from animal skin that would otherwise go to waste. Enes uses only leather from certified farms from around the world. They pay attention to four things here: caring for the species, being good to the animals during their lives, making sure the men and women on the farms have fair working conditions, and they try to protect the environment.

How to style ENES

We at Bylotte are proud to offer ENES' collection to you!

Whether you want to add a nice leather gilet to your outfit or are just looking for a trendy leather jacket that will keep you warm during the cold days, ENES has the perfect options for you.

You can pair a jacket from ENES great with a warm sweater from Vanessa Bruno and timeless jeans from Agolde, style the outfit with sneakers from Golden Goose!

And the pants from ENES are very nice to pair with a sweater from forte_forte and great shoes from Etonic!

You will look great in the items from ENES. Check out the collection now at Bylotte!




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