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forte_forte by Bylotte        

Are you ready to dive into the latest and most amazing addition to Bylotte's exclusive women's fashion? We're talking about the too-cute brand forte_forte! If you are looking for the perfect combination of style, comfort and timeless elegance, forte_forte has everything you need. In any case, we are very excited about the new collection of this Italian brand, known for its sophisticated clothing.

Let's talk about the garments forte_forte has to offer. This collection is filled with the most stunning dresses, blouses, sweaters, tops, skirts, blazers and pants you have ever seen. Each item is made with attention to detail, you can actually feel the quality when you wear it. Whether you are looking for a chic outfit for a special occasion or just want to add something new to your everyday style, forte_forte has just what you need.

For those who love blazers, forte_forte has a wonderful collection of blazers. A well-fitting blazer can take any outfit to the next level, and forte_forte understands that like no other. Their blazers are made from the best materials and have the perfect cut, so you'll always look the part, whether you pair them with a dress, jeans or a blouse.


The story behind forte_forte

The story began with a small collection of handmade T-shirts. It is a story that revolves around passion, family and the beauty of creativity.

The Forte brothers grew up in the world of fashion in Veneto, Italy. Veneto is a place where "Made in Italy" has taken its unique shape and identity. This has resulted in traditional craftsmanship evolving into a more streamlined industrial approach, while maintaining its unique values and characteristics.

Giada and Paolo Forte were raised with these values, and their journey began in their family's knitting factories. Giada followed his passion and trained in knitwear design at Nottingham Trent University, while Paolo developed his talent in finance.

After separate experiences in their respective fields, they decided to join forces and create a project based on values they believe in; the beauty of creativity as a filterless connection between the creator and the consumer. Giada is responsible for the design, Paolo is the corporate strategist.

But there is a third member on this team: Robert Vattiliana, Giada's life partner, who serves as art director. He translates visions and feelings into beautiful images, spaces and graphic choices.

forte_forte is the wonderful result of these three talented people. The family name is doubly honored, giving the brand a name that already exudes power. The small font in the name symbolizes their desire for intimacy and authenticity, as opposed to outward show.

The story of forte_forte is an inspiration to anyone who believes in the power of passion, creativity and collaboration. This brand celebrates not only the beauty of fashion, but also the love and dedication behind it. So, ladies, if you are looking for clothing infused with love, style and Italian craftsmanship, forte_forte is the brand for you. Explore the collection at Bylotte and discover for yourself why it is a wonderful brand!




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