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The origins of the Naghedi brand

Naghedi was founded in 2016 by founder and designer Sara Naghedi. Her vision was to make the accessories industry more sustainable. And yes guys, she definitely did it! With her woven neoprene bags, she cemented her place among the other big brands. But what makes Naghedi unique? By using neoprene, the bags are sustainable and therefore she focuses on ethical and environmentally friendly production. This sustainable approach goes perfectly with the timeless yet functional design, which makes the bag even more durable.

Each bag is designed in New York City, and is handwoven by experienced weavers. Only one or two bags per day are produced by these weavers. The bags are handwoven not only to make a fashion statement, but also as an action against the disposable culture in fashion. You won't have a Naghedi one for a while, but perhaps for a lifetime! Embrace your femininity and discover the latest collection of Naghedi at or at our store at Kleine Berg 65 in Eindhoven.


Each Naghedi bag is designed to make you, as a woman, feel elegant, confident and complete no matter where your day (or night ;-)) takes you. This also mirrors Sara Naghedi's personal style.

Slip on one of our meticulously handwoven bags for a look that is instantly elevated and effortless.


What makes BYLOTTE unique. The power to be just a little bit different from the rest. The way of styling, the various brands in the store and of course the coziness! Lotte is always looking for the most exclusive items and brands that make you feel unique as a woman. Just that item, which you actually see almost nobody with! That is what makes us unique, as BYLOTTE. And during this search Lotte came across the bags of Naghedi!

The timeless design and beautiful colors make the bags easy to combine with any outfit. And not to forget, they can also be used for multiple occasions! A small errand, a day in town, to the beach or on the plane. We could go on and on.

What we also love about Naghedi's bags is that they can be worn in different ways! For example the Kyoto Clutch, of which you can throw one handle over the other and the bag gets a completely different look. With the subtle glitter, also totally fun for a night out with friends/friends around town. And by using basic colors, the bag is easy to combine with any outfit.

Styling Advice

At BYLOTTE you can always find your daily dose of outfit inspiration on our Instagram or website. But also in our beautiful store our stylists are ready for you every day to let you walk out the door confidently with of course a great outfit.

Vind jij de tassen van Naghedi nou helemaal te gek, maar weet je niet zo goed hoe je deze kan combineren? Vraag het onze stylistes in de winkel of stuur een berichtje naar [email protected] en dan helpen wij je graag verder. 




BYLOTTE not only has a webshop, but also a fantastic multi-brand store right in the heart of Eindhoven. Here, we create an atmosphere where you feel at home, where you can be yourself and where our stylists make sure you are the best version of yourself.

Kleine Berg 65

5611 JT Eindhoven

Monday: 12.00 - 18.00
Tuesday: 10.00 - 18.00
Wednesday: 10.00 - 18.00
Thursday: 10.00 - 18.00
Friday: 10.00 - 18.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00
Sunday: 13.00-17.00

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